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by evan625

Ever heard of Blue-Eyed Soul or White Soul R&B?  The Righteous Brothers,Tom Jones,The Bee-Gees, Doobie Brothers, Boy George and David Bowie were all Blue Eyed Soul recording Artist who made their way in the R&B world.  Blue Eyed Soul was a name given in the early 1960’s to describe white artists who performed  R&B that was similar to the music of the Motown and Stax record labels.
Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers said  many R&B radio stations that played their songs were surprised to find them to be white when they turned up for interviews, one DJ in Philadelphia started saying “Here’s my blue-eyed soul brothers”, and that became a code to signal the audience that they were white singers. The Righteous Brothers were thought to have started the trend for Blue Eyed Soul music and for many DJ’s during the 60’s to play songs performed by white Artist with a Soulful feeling.

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