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Love Smooth Jazz and R&B music? Let BackBeat R&B take you back to yesteryear with our exclusive content and passion for the classics. We are a Lifestyle publication created specifically for the 50+ crowd, bringing you the best of the old school era.
At BackBeat R&B, we are all about the timeless sounds of classic R&B and Jazz. But we don’t stop there! We delve into exciting topics like Travel, Spot-Light interviews, Who’s touring, and even the delectable world of dining because entertainment and travel go hand in hand.
We are dedicated to being your ultimate resource, evoking memories of those unforgettable house parties and Cooley High friendships. With interviews featuring the greatest Classic artists, highlights of places of interest, updates on Who’s Touring, and captivating insights into Where Are They Now, we’ve got you covered.
Join us on this nostalgic journey as we bridge the gap between the past and the present. BackBeat R&B is here to ensure that classic music remains fresh—today, tomorrow, and forever!
Follow us for a dose of pure musical nostalgia and let our team transport you from the past to the present.
Welcome to the world where timeless melodies live on—BackBeat R&B! 🎶🌟 #BackBeatRnB #ClassicMusic #TimelessMelodies #Nostalgia #LifestylePublication
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