Home Spotlight The Spotlight Is On An Unforgettable Night of Jazz with the Orrin Evans Jazz Quartet At BirdLand NYC!

The Spotlight Is On An Unforgettable Night of Jazz with the Orrin Evans Jazz Quartet At BirdLand NYC!


The Orrin Evans Quartet, led by pianist Orrin Evans, features Caleb Curtis on saxophone, Leandro Pellegrino on guitar, Vincente Archer on bass, and Mark Whitfield II on drums.

From the moment they took the stage, it was clear that this group of musicians was something special. They began the night with a lively upbeat number that immediately had the audience tapping their feet and nodding their heads in time with the music. Evans’ piano playing was particularly impressive, with his fingers dancing across the keys in a way that was both precise and passionate.

As the set progressed, the quartet showcased their versatility and range, playing a variety of tunes.  Curtis saxophone playing was particularly noteworthy, with his smooth, soulful tone lending a beautiful warmth to the group’s sound. Meanwhile, Pellegrino’s guitar work was equally impressive, with his skillful fingers coaxing out complex, intricate melodies that added depth and texture to the quartet’s sound. 

Throughout the set, Archer’s bass playing provided a steady, grounding presence, anchoring the group’s sound and allowing the other musicians to showcase their skills. And finally, Whitfield’s drumming was the perfect complement to the other musicians, providing a driving beat and rhythmic foundation that kept the audience engaged and energized.   

Overall, the Orrin Evans Jazz Quartet’s performance at the Famous Birdland Jazz Theater was a masterclass in jazz music. Each member of the quartet is a talented musician in their own right, but together they create a sound that is truly magical. From the intricate melodies to the driving rhythms, every aspect of their performance was flawless, leaving the audience breathless and wanting more. If you have the opportunity to see this group perform live, I would highly recommend it – they are truly one of the best jazz ensembles working today.




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