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Jazz Brilliance Unleashed: Derrick Hodge Live at The Newport Jazz Festival!”


Get ready to be swept off your feet by the mesmerizing melodies of jazz virtuoso Derrick Hodge as he graces the stage at the Newport Jazz Festival on Friday, August 4th!  An event not to be missed, this exceptional musician is all set to enrapture audiences with tracks from his latest album “Color of Noize.” 

 A Musical Maestro Beyond Compare 

Derrick Hodge is not just your ordinary jazz musician. He’s a true musical maestro, showcasing unmatched talent and versatility in every note he plays. As an accomplished bassist, he has an innate ability to blend soulful rhythms and haunting harmonies that resonate deeply with his listeners.

But Derrick’s talent doesn’t stop there. He has carved a name for himself as a skilled arranger and conductor, working alongside the prestigious LA Philharmonic. His exceptional arrangements have graced performances of renowned artists like H.E.R, Gwen Stefani, XTina, and other music legends, earning him well-deserved acclaim in the music industry.

“Color of Noize”: An Ode to Musical Brilliance 

Derrick’s latest album, “Color of Noize,” is a testament to his creative genius and innovation in the jazz genre.  It transcends the boundaries of traditional jazz, blending elements of soul, funk, and R&B, creating a unique musical experience that resonates with audiences of all tastes. 

Each track on the album is a sonic journey, weaving stories of emotions, life experiences, and musical exploration. From soul-stirring ballads to infectious grooves, “Color of Noize” promises to leave you enthralled and yearning for more. 

Don’t Miss the Jazz Event of the Year! 

Mark your calendars for the Newport Jazz Festival on August 4th, and witness the magic unfold as Derrick Hodge takes the stage! This is an opportunity to experience the brilliance of a musical prodigy who’s not only redefining jazz but also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of music. 

Soak in the soulful sounds of “Color of Noize” and revel in the extraordinary talent of Derrick Hodge. Let the music transport you to a world of pure musical ecstasy. This is an event that will stay with you long after the last note is played. Don’t miss out! 

Grab your tickets, invite your friends, and let’s come together to celebrate the timeless artistry of jazz with Derrick Hodge at the Newport Jazz Festival! #DerrickHodge #NewportJazzFestival #ColorOfNoize #MusicalMaestro #JazzMagic #LiveMusic #MustAttend #MusicLegends



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